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six axis cell robots

The Toshiba Machine range of six axis cell robots


six axis cell robots

Toshiba Machine’s TV1000 and TV800 are six axis robots, which find uses in a host of pick and place applications. As a result, esco is one of very few suppliers who can offer easy to use six axis, SCARA and Cartesian robots, sourced from a single manufacturer.

The TV1000

The easy to use TV1000 has a total arm length of 1000mm, a reach of 1090mm and a composite maximum speed of 9.61 metres per second. It has a maximum cycle time of 0.6 to 0.7 seconds, repeatability of ±0.03mm and a maximum payload of five kilograms. It is controlled using Toshiba Machine’s new TS3100 controller, which is programmed in SCOL, a language similar to BASIC - as are all Toshiba Machine industrial robots.
The TS3100 features a built-in Ethernet port, making conveyor and vision synchronisation simple. The controller also includes the built-in TCmini PLC, which allows control of I/O equipment, regardless of operation and program.

The TV800

The TV800 has a total arm length of 800mm, a reach of 92mm and a composite maximum speed of 8.06 metres per second. The robot has a maximum cycle time of 0.4 to 0.5 seconds, repeatability of ±0.02mm and a maximum payload of five kilograms. Like the TV1000, it is controlled using Toshiba Machine’s TS3100 controller and has the option of a teach pendant for easy access outside the robot cell.

Both six axis robots use an absolute position detection system, with a robust AC motor at its heart.

Standard specifications 6-axis-Robots

  • TV800 + TV1000

    Standard specifications TV800 + TV1000
      TV800 TV1000
      Vertical Articulated Robot
    Number of controlled axis 6 6
    Arm length total, (first arm / second arm) 800 (380 + 420) mm 1000 (480 + 520) mm
    Reach 892 mm 1090 mm
    Working envelope
    Axis 1 (J1) +/- 170°
    Axis 2 (J2) -100° … +150°
    Axis 3 (J3) (Z) -127° … +167°
    Axis 4 (J4) (Z Rot.) +/- 190°
    Axis 5 (J5) +/- 120°
    Axis 6 (J6) +/- 360°
    Maximum speed
    Axis 1 (J1) 237 °/s
    Axis 2 (J2) 240 °/s
    Axis 3 (J3) 288 °/s
    Axis 4 (J4) 350,5 °/s
    Axis 5 (J5) 484 °/s
    Axis 6 (J6) 576 °/s
    Composite 8,06 m/s 9,61 m/s
    Standard cycle time 0,4 s … 0,5 s 0,6 s … 0,7 s
    Maximum payload mass 5 kg 5 kg
    Allowable moment of inertia at end
    Axis 4 / Axis 5
    Axis 6

    0,3 kgm²
    0,03 kgm²

    0,3 kgm²
    0,03 kgm²
    Positioning repeatability
    X, Y +/-0,02 mm +/-0,03 mm
    Z +/-0,02 mm +/-0,03 mm
    Axis 4 +/-0,02 mm +/-0,03 mm
    Input / output signals for hand 8 Inputs / 8 outputs
    Pneumatic piping for hand Ø 4 mm, 4 Stk.
    Position detecting system Absolute Encoders, AC servo motor
    Robot-controller cable 5 m (Option 25 m)
    Mass of robot body 46,5 kg 48 kg
    Controller TS3100E
  • Controller

      TS3000E TS3100E
    Number of axis Standard 4 axis, maximum 5 axis Maximum 8 axis simultaneous control
    Operation mode PTP, CP (linear, circular), Short cut, Arch motion
    Position detecting system Absolute -Encoders
    Storage capacity Total: 12800 points + 25600 steps 1 program: 2000 points + 3000 steps Total: 12800 points + 25600 steps 1 program: 2000 points + 3000 steps
    No. of programs Max. 256 (247 user files + 9 system files)
    Programming language SCOL (Symbolic Code Language, similar to BASIC)
    Teaching unit (option) Teach Pendant TP1000, 5-meter cable, (Program can be written on PC)
    External I/O 32 inputs / 32 outputs 32 inputs / 32 outputs
    Hand control signal 8 inputs / 8 outputs 8 inputs / 8 outputs
    External operation signal Inputs: Cycle operation start,stop,reset,etc Outputs: Servo-On status, emergency stop, ready for operation, malfunction alarm, etc
    Serial communication port 2 x RS-232C, 1 x Ethernet 2 x RS-232C, 1 x Ethernet
    Power supply Single phase 200/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2,3 kVA Single phase 200/250 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 4,4 kVA
    Dimension (WxHxD), Mass 290 x 230 x 298 [mm], 13 kg 420 x 230 x 298 [mm], 17 kg
    Other functions Torque control,Interruptive functions, self-diagnosis, I/O control and communications during motion, Coordinate calculations, Built-in PLC, etc
    Certification Safety relais box TS3SFB, according to safety category 3 corresponding to ISO10218-1:2011 and ISO13849-1:2008
    Options I/O extention, I/O cable, Field-Network (DeviceNet®, CC-Link®, ProfiBus®)


SCARA_Flyer-TV800 SCARA_Flyer-TV800
SCARA_Flyer-TV1000 SCARA_Flyer-TV1000
SCARA-Operators Manual [TS3000-TS3100]_e_STE80720-1 SCARA-Operators Manual [TS3000-TS3100]_e_STE80720-1