Electric drive technology

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Digital Soft Starter with internal Bypass for rated current from 17A-1100A


  • Pumps and fans
  • Conveyors
  • Machine and plant building
  • Building automation HVAC


The soft starter iStart is a highly sophisticated and reliable three-phase starter and is suitable for In-line operation as well as for 3 operation. Thus, the motor can be sized larger. The iStart is designed for simple maintenance and maximum flexibility in the field.
Nine installation sizes cover a capacity range from 7.5kW to 630kW. Motors with different supply voltage can be connected to iStart:

Frame size A, B and C:   
(up to170A) 
208V bis 400V
208V bis 600V
Frame size D to I: 
(up to1100A)
208V bis 400V
208V bis 600V
208V bis 690V

The integrated bypass minimizes losses, saves space and simplifies the installation.

  • Multi-language menu guidance (freely selectable: German, English, Spanish)
  • Event logger for 99 events with real-time clock: Start, Stop, Bypass open/close, time, date, voltage, current, trip state
  • Optimized for high-efficiency motors (IE3)
  • Build-in Motor Unbalance protection
  • 4 parameter sets for 4 motors
  • Optional fan can be added to increase the numbers of starts per hour (frame sizes A to C, from D fan integrated)
  • User defined metering and monitoring of three-phase voltage, three-phase current and power factor
  • Auto Reset for selected faults
  • 3 Thermistor inputs available
  • In-Line or 3-operation
  • 3 current transformers for earth fault detection, phase deviation and for the use of predictive diagnostics
  • Protection class up to 85A IP20, from 105A IP00
  • Two-phase mode in the event of failure of thyristor
  • Accessories: Devicenet / Modbus RS-485 / Profibus / Analog Output / Temperature sensor PT100 / Increased protection regarding ambient conditions / Optional fans for 17-170A to increase starting frequency, from 230A fan integrated
  • Wide range of waveforms for start-up and run-down selectable
Technical Data iStart
Model iStart-17 - iStart-1100
Output Current (A) 17 - 1100
Power Rating (kW) 7,5 - 630
Supply Voltage 208V to 400V / 208V to 600V and from 230A additional 208V to 690V (resp. + 10%-15%) (to be specified)
Frequency 45 – 65Hz
Control Supply 115V or 230V (to be specified) +10% - 15%
Load 3ph. squirrel cage induction motor, Motor Full Load Ampere = 50-100% of Full Load Current
Torque Control Curves Field selectable curves preventing Over-pressure during start and Water Hammer during stop
Pulse Start Duration A pulse of 80% Un, adjustable range 0.1-1 sec.
Initial Voltage 5-80% Un
Initial Current 100-400% of Motor FLA
Current Limit 100-500% of Motor FLA
Acceleration Time 1-90 sec
Deceleration Time 1-90 sec
Motor Connection In-line or √3-operation (In case of √3 a 0,67 times smaller soft starter can be used)
Protection Features Maximum number of starts incl. Start inhibits / Long Start Time / Over Current / Adjustable IEC and NEMA curves / Under Current / Under Voltage / Over Voltage / Heat Sink Over Temperature / External Fault
Control LCD in 4-filed selectable languages and 4 LEDs.
Keypad 6 keys for easy setting
R1, R2 2 Relays, 8A, 250VAC, 2000VA
DI1 / DI2 / 3DI 3 digital input terminals, via internal or ext. 24VDC controllable
Temperatures Operating: -10 to 50°C.
Storage -20° to 70°C
Protection Class for frame size up to 85A IP20, from 105A IP00
EMC Emissions EN 55011 CISPR 11 Class A
Safety EN 600947-1 Related to safety requirements
UL Designed and assembled to conform with UL508C
Accessories Devicenet / Modbus RS-485 / Profibus / Analog-Output / Temperature sensor PT100 / Increased protection regarding ambient conditions / Optional fans for 17-170A to increase starting frequency, from 230A fan integrated


Instruction Manual_Solcon iStart_Rev03_e_esco Instruction Manual_Solcon iStart_Rev03_e_esco
Flyer_Solcon iStart_esco_e_18a22057 Flyer_Solcon iStart_esco_e_18a22057