Electric drive technology

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The Innovative



The VF-MB1 is the first choice for drive solutions with high demands on the control characteristics and the integrated functions for applications in machine building industry, material handling or for pumps and fans.
The integrated PLC (Logic Sequence) allow the integration of control functions in the drive. With its broad range of field bus options, which are available as plug-in hardware modules, as well as the standard Modbus® RTU and CANopen® interfaces the VF-MB1 can be integrated in nearly every production environment.

  • Slim shape body (only 45 mm wide up to 1,5 kW)
  • CANopen® and Modbus® interfaces built-in
  • EMC filter C2
  • Easy configuration
  • PID control, PLC functions (Logic Sequence)
  • STO / SS1 according to IEC/EN61800-5-2
  • Dual rating (CT/VT)
Standard specifications VF-MB1
VFMB1S 1-ph. 230 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,25 ….. 2,2 kW
Output current [A] 0,6 ….. 4,2 kVA
Capacity [kVA] 1,5 ….. 11,0 A
Power supply 1-ph. 200 V ... 240 V, +10 % ... -15 % - 50/60 Hz
Rated output voltage 50 V … 330 V (maximum output voltage), voltage variation will be adjusted
VFMB1 3-ph.400 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,37 ….. 15,0 kW
Output current [A] 1,1 ….. 25,0 kVA
Capacity [kVA] 1,5 ….. 33,0  A
Power supply 380 V … 500 V, +10 % ... -15 % - 50/60 Hz
Rated output voltage 50 V … 660 V (maximum output voltage), voltage variation will be adjusted
Dual Rating (M-square) When limited to 120% overload for 60 seconds instead of 150%
set a higher performance class motor with the same power of the inverter
Output frequency range 0,1 … 500 Hz
Overload capability 150 % for 60 s, 200% for 0,5 s
Integrated EMC filter 0,25 …2,2 kW (IEC61800-3 category C2); 4,0 …15,0 kW (IEC61800-3 category C3
V/F control methods V/f constant torque (linear), V/f variable torque (square), automatic torque boost, sensorless vector control, energy saving control, dynamic energy saving control, control with rotor position detection for PM motors, 7 point V/F line
Braking units Integrated
Inputs digital
6(8)* programmable: (e.g. 1x PTC), sink / sourc logic switchable;
1x fix: Input STO (SAFE TORQUE OFF); control voltage 24 V DC int. / ext.
analog 3(1)* programmable: 1x 0 .. 10 V, 1x -10(0) … +10 V, 1x (0) 4… 20 mA;
1x pulse input 10 … 20 kpps
Outputs 2x Relais outputs, 1x potencial-free digital- or pulse output 10 … 20 kpps,
1x analog output 0 … 10 V or (0)4 … 20 mA
Fieldbus and communication integrated:CANopen® (DS301 V4.02,DR303-3 V1.3,DSP402 V1.1),Modbus® RTU,Toshiba RS-485 optional: Pro? bus® DP, Modbus® TCP, EtherCAT®, Ethernet/IP™, DeviceNet™
Function examples
  • Integrated PID control
  • Skip frequency
  • Controlled declaration after power black-out
  • automatic restart after dysfunctions
  • Load balancing on multiple drives (Drooping)
  • Brake control and automatic part load operation at high speed for hoisting applications
  • Torque limit
  • Automatic DC brake
  • 15 fixed speeds
  • forced emergency operation
  • 3-wire operation or 2-wire operation
  • Speed up / down
  • Digital outputs programmable with 104 functions
  • Digital outputs / Relais programmable with 146 functions
  • PLC functions integrated
  • Summation and multiplication of low references
  • Different forms of ramps
  • Storage of operating data during the past 8 dysfunctions
  • Traverse function for textile machines
  • Automatic stop in case of obstacles (torque controlled)
Protection functions PTC-evaluation, overtorque, minimum current, over current, Overload, over temperature, phase failure, earth fault, winding short et al.
Safety functions STO / SS1 according to IEC / EN61800-5-2
Protection class IP20
Cooling method Self-cooling (internal fan)
Ambient temperature Interior, no direct sunlight, no corrosive gas, no explosive or flammable gases, no oil mist, no dust, -10 ... 60 °C, 5 ... 95% relative humidity (condensation-free) up to 3000 m** altitude,
max. vibration 5.9 m / s² (10 ... 55 Hz)
Certification CE, UL, CSA

* Two analog inputs can alternatively be used as digital inputs, one digital input can be used as PTC-Input and another can be used as pulse input.
** If necessary - Load reduction required.


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