Electric drive technology

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The all-rounder



The VF-S15 is convincing in functionality and precision in the mid-range performance class. With its constant response time, the dual rating operation and many functions for easy operation and configuration the VF-S15 becomes the first choice in most applications within the power range from 0.25 kW up to 18.5 kW. Many common field bus interfaces are available as plug-in hardware modules.
Depending on the model, the premium equipment of the VF-S15PL-W1 enhances the application range to demanding applications with respect to safety functions, energy efficiency and drive control. It includes a safety function STO, integrated PLC functions (Logic Sequence), servo lock, PM motor drive capability and an application software package for quick and easy configuration.
* Depending on model

  • Precise control by constant response time
  • EMC filter C2
  • Easy configuration and operation
  • Optional interfaces for all major field bus protocols
  • Dual rating function (M = quadratic characteristics)
  • Connects to PM motors*
  • PLC functions (Logic Sequence)*
  • STO / SS1 according to IEC / EN61800-5-2*
Standard specifications VF-S15¹)
VFS15S 1-ph. 240 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,25 ….. 2,2 kW
Output current [A] 1,5 ….. 11,0 A
Capacity [kVA] 0,6 ….. 4,2 kVA
Power supply 1-ph. 200 V ... 240 V, +10% ... -15% - 50/60 Hz
Rated output voltage 50 V … 300 V, maximum output voltage
VFS15 3-ph.400 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,37 ….. 15,0 kW
Output current [A] 1,5 ….. 33,0 A
Capacity [kVA] 1,1 ….. 25,1 kVA
Power supply 380 V … 500 V, +10% ... -15% - 50/60 Hz
Rated output voltage 50 V … 600 V, maximum output voltage
VFS15 3-ph.240 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,4 ….. 15,0 kW
Output current [A] 3,3 ….. 66,0 A
Capacity [kVA] 1,3 ….. 25,1 kVA
Power supply 3-ph. 200 V … 240 V, +10% ... -15% - 50/60 Hz
Rated output voltage 50 V … 300 V, maximum output voltage
Dual Rating (M-square) When limited to 120% overload for 60 seconds instead of 150% set a higher performance class motor with the same power of the inverter
Output frequency range 0,1 … 500Hz
Overload capability 150% (120% at M= square line) for 60 s, 200% for 0,5 s
Integrated EMC Filter 1-ph. 240 V, 3-ph. 500 V EMC filter (IEC61800-3 category C2)
V/f control methods V/f constant torque (linear), V/f variable torque (square), automatic torque boost, sensorless vector control, energy saving control, dynamic energy saving control, control with rotor position detection for PM motors (not at model VF-S15PL-W), 7 point V/F line
Braking unit integrated, external braking resistor lockable
Inputs digital 6(8) ²): sink / source logic switchable, control voltage 24 V DC int / ext. pulse input 10 ... 20 kpps; Fixed assigned: 1 x STO (not at model VF-S15PL-W)
Inputs analog 3(1) ²): VIA: 0 ... 10 V, VIB: -10(0) ... +10 V, VIC: (0) 4... 20 mA
Outputs 2x Relais outputs, 1 potential-free digital or pulse output 10 ... 20 kpps, 1 analog output 0 ... 10 V or 4(0) ... 20 mA
Fieldbus and communication integrated: Modbus® RTU, TOSHIBA RS-485 optional: PROFIBUS®DP, CANopen®, PROFINET® (in work), EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT®, Modbus®TCP, DeviceNet™, CC-LINK
Protection functions PTC-evaluation, overtorque, minimum current, over current, Overload, over temperature, phase failure, earth fault, winding short et al.
Safety functions STO / SS1 according to IEC / EN61800-5-2
Protection class IP20
Cooling method 1-ph. 240 V & 3-ph. 240 V self-cooling; 3-ph. 400 V with fan
Ambient temperature Interior, no direct sunlight, no corrosive gas, no explosive or flammable gases, no oil mist, no dust; ambient temp. -10 .. +60°C; 5 .. 95 % relative humidity (condensation-free) up to 3000 m³); max. vibration 5.9 m / s² (10 ... 55 Hz)
Certification CE, UL, CSA
1) Type "Premium" with safety function, PLC function, connection of induction and PM motors
3) If necessary -Load reduction required
2) The analog inputs VIA and VIB may alternatively be used as digital inputs


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