Electric drive technology

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The VF-FS1 features a proven technology to reduce input current harmonics. Although its extremely compact dimensions it complies with the specifications defined in IEC61000-3-12 without the use of additional components. Long-life main capacitors, automatic service messages, and easy maintenance allow an extraordinary economic and efficient system design and operation.
Integrated special functions for pumps and fans as well as energy saving functions are further features. Its high over-load capability for short-time ensures robustness. The exchangeable terminal block allows the integration of a great variety of fieldbus interfaces especially for building automation (BACnet®, Metasys® N2, APOGEE® FLN, LonWorks®) into the inverter.
Over the complete power range up to 75 kW these inverters are also available with protection class IP54 / 55.

  • Low harmonics, high power factor
  • Extremely compact
  • EMC filter C2
  • EMC filter C1 and IP55 optional
  • PID control, logic functions AND, OR
Standard specifications VF-FS1
VFFS1…PM (IP20) 3-ph. 200 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,4 ….. 30,0 kW
Output current [A] 2,8 ….. 117,0 A
Capacity [kVA] 1,1 ….. 44,6 kVA
Power supply 3-ph. 200 V ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz
VFFS1…PL (IP20) 3-ph.400 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,4 ….. 75,0 kW
Output current [A] 1,4 ….. 160,0 A
Capacity [kVA] 1,1 ….. 105,3 kVA
Power supply 3-ph. 380 V ... 480 V, 50/60 Hz
VFFS1…PDE (IP54) 3-ph.400 V
Applicable motor [kW] 0,75 ….. 75,0 kW
Output current [A] 2,2 ….. 160,0 A
Capacity [kVA] 1,6 ….. 105,3 kVA
Power supply 3-ph. 380 V ... 480 V, 50/60 Hz
Tolerance Voltage +10%, -15% (±10% during continuous 100% load)
Rated output voltage adjustable from 50 V to 660 V
(The maximum output voltage is same as the input source voltage)
Output frequency range 0,5-200 Hz (gradually 0,01 Hz)
V/f control methods V/f constant torque (linear), V/f variable torque (square), Auto-tuning vector control, automatic energy boost, energy saving control, PM motor control
Overload capability 60 seconds 110 %, 2 seconds 180 %
Function example Switchable between external and on-site control, Emergency operation ignores inverter failure, PTC-Input, programmable I/O terminal block, exchangeable terminal block, automatic restart, catch on the fly, fieldbus interfaces especially for building automation
Ambient temperature -10 to +50°C (over 40°C load reduction according to manual)
Relative humidity 5 to 95 % (no condensation)
Box IP20 to 18,5 kW plastic, from 22,0 kW metal;
IP54 to 7,5 kW plastic, from 11,0 kW metal
Protection class IP20 to 18,5 kW; from 22,0 kW IP00 (IP20 with optional terminal cover)
IP54 (IP55 with appropriated cable bushing)
EMC filter IP54: integrated EMC filter IEC/EN61800-3 category C1 (EN55011 class “B”);
400 V-class: integrated EMC filter IEC/EN61800-3 category C2 (EN55011 class “A”);
400 V-class: optional footprint filter IEC/EN61800-3 category C1 (EN55011 class “B”)


VF-FS1_Manual_neutral_e_e6581381 VF-FS1_Manual_neutral_e_e6581381
VF-FS1_Manual-[IP54 model]_neutral_e_e6581471 VF-FS1_Manual-[IP54 model]_neutral_e_e6581471
VF-FS1_Flyer_neutral_e VF-FS1_Flyer_neutral_e
VF-FS1_catalogue_neutral_e VF-FS1_catalogue_neutral_e
FI-Overview_Flyer_neutral_e_16a83010 FI-Overview_Flyer_neutral_e_16a83010